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undeniableWelcome to the website of the Post-apocalyptic Space Opera series by science-fiction writer A. A. Roi

Start Reading The Undeniable Labyrinth, the first novel of The Promethead Right Now

What is The Promethead?

This is the story of Althea Ram, exile from the remains of a vast galactic civilization, driven to unravel the truth of what caused the apocalypse that destroyed it – the wonders and horrors of her universe.
It is a science-fiction oddyssey with ideas and concepts drawn from the breadth of the SF continuum. It – combines elements familiar to science fiction fans including artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, interstellar politics, genetics, cybernetics and psionics woven into one complete narrative epic. For those of you that have enjoyed Media and Written SF such as Battlestar Galactica, Ian M. Banks Culture, Stargate, Alistair Reynolds’ Revelation Space, The Matrix and others, The Promethead offers uniquely drawn storyline exploring much of what you enjoy.

“A fresh story line that gave nothing away.”
“It sucked me in and left me wanting more.”
– recent review on

The Undeniable Labyrinth, the first novel in the series is now online in it’s entirety. You can read the full text, commentary and more here.

You can now buy the Ebook for $2.99 or less from these online retailers: US UK Germany France Spain Italy

Barnes and Noble

The second novel in the series, The Recollector of Shadows, is in the process of revision, the third draft is finishes, and I’m starting draft 4.

One this site, you can access the extensive Compendium of The Promethead, which will be added to on the publication of each novel of the series.

Information on other upcoming developments, such as news about developing novels in the series, ebook downloads, physical books and audiobooks, reviews and more will be posted here as they become available.

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