Greetings! Welcome to the author’s commentary of the novel The Undeniable Labyrinth. My name is A.A. (Double A) Roi. This is a short preamble on what you can expect over the course of my commentary on the first novel of The Promethead.

Why a commentary on a novel? Well… I originally started this to remind myself about what I was trying to accomplish, and experiment in reflection on the story as it was being written. I can say, it has been helpful, and has provided insights, which encouraged me to strengthen what I’d written before ultimately presenting to you the reader. In addition, it works a bit of an exposé for you, drawing back the curtain on what is behind the story, and the creation process, as much as a commentary on a movie can be as well.

As this is a story where the POVs are restrictive, hints and thoughts on the surrounding characterizations, and world will be offered as well.

I will try not to shower this work with spoilers in advance of the actual story chapters, but when commenting on a novel like this, may be, to a degree, unavoidable.

The assumption on my part, is that you are ideally reading along and wondering where the story is going, and what I may have been thinking as I wrote and refined the narrative.

It is my hope, this companion effort will hopefully provide you the reader insights into the development of the characters, the storyline and the universe The Undeniable Labyrinth is set in; not only that, but questions about motive of the characters and to you as you are reading that story.

I also hope it will provide you insights into the writing process, as well as probably a little into how I came to write it, and the goals I have had for it, whether they be philosophical, technical, speculative or, indeed, artistic.


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