It has been more than two hundred years since the destruction of galactic civilization by the invasion of the Macros. Althea Ram, exile from a culture which survived the apocalypse, has been searching for answers amongst the lost worlds of the Consortia. Her past failures, Pyrrhic victories and dwindling resources have lead her to plan a desperate transit to Elysium, a world which could provide her everything she needs. But the probability of getting there on the first try is very low. And she has no way of telling how dangerous her destination might be.

Because on any lost world, Althea must face dangers; hostile environments, the technologies once beneficial, now warped by Macro control, the descendants of human survivors – turned violent and suspicious by the Macro threat, and even herself, driven by needs she barely controls, or understands.

The Undeniable Labyrinth is the first novel of The Promethead.

01 – Althea

#webfiction #scifi Light and darkness spun around her. Althea stumbled into space. She slipped out of control, falling forward – reacted automatically – legs and arms extended, palms flat; fingers outstretched. She felt sudden solidity. The vertigo and free fall spinning slowed, stopped. Althea collapsed on a hard, cold surface, shuddering. Her body curled up in defensive instinct. Lights flashed around her, the portal roared its chimes – and against that – saturating Mirror Maze visions warred. …“Your Consortia crutches!” …“Who will save you?!” …opponent is playing ...taunting shakes ...taller than buildings ...puppets ...corpore ...beyond arrogance! …thoughtless amusement …so fast …blow after blow...