Feb 162012

Saturday Night Live actress/comedienne/screewriter has scored 3 nominations for the 31st Silver Lenas Awards, 2 two of which are for acting and two shared noms for her smash comedy hit Bridesmaids. The nominations are listed below:

Coolest Actress

Best Buddy Team (shared) with the rest of the girls

Best Original Screenplay (shared) with Annie Mumolo

Kristen was the enviable winner of this years’s Coolest Actress award!

Go to the 31st Annual Silver Lenas Movie Awards Nominations Announcement Posting

Oct 012011

*mild spoilers*

Fringe moves ahead this week with the first real advancement in the team up between the two worlds as the Prime team is asked to help out on finding a sci-fi concept (he kills people while extracting their happy memories by somehow liking up to them with a freezing solution)serial killer from the other side, John McLennan (Jon Pyper-Ferguson – Caprica, Brothers and Sisters). And in most respects, it work’s well as a continuing study of doubles, both between the two Olivia’s as well as the serial killer and his Prime world double, who is slowly revealed is more like his opposite than first suspects.

Now, on a narrative side, it is important that the teams make mistakes. Olivia doesn’t do more research into the serial killer researcher Prof. McLennan (especially since if his opposite has a 220 i.q, chances are he does to). Fauxlivia also takes a risk that exposes the fact that the investigation is about McLennan’s double. Geez guys, talk about underestimating geniuses.

In fact this episode has more to do with the McLennan than it does with our primary characters, who for the most part get a short shrift. The exceptions are the Olivia’s, who do get to spend time getting to know each other better, even bond a little (ultimately discussing what Olivia did to her stepfather – nastier for this timeline of the Peter-less and harder character she is). And also on the plus side we get both Lincoln’s this episode and learn that the erasure of Peter means there are still two Broyles. Interestingly enough, still, Broyle is the only character who seems exactly the same between the universes (unless you think that wearing short sleeves is a character trait.) As such, John, Anna and Seth handle their divergent characters well.

I’m not a fan of the serial killer genre, but there were moments of deep pathos betweent the McLennans, the one who is desperately in search of happiness to counter his personal darkness, and the one who had is provided to him by a loving woman. And it is McLennans who solves the problem, not without some cost to the survivor. Ever efficient, the writers also work a spin on this Peter’s faulty erasure (lest we forget for more than twenty minutes).

The ep does have it’s amusing moments, as Prime Astrid tries to suggest Olivia hook up with Prime Agent Lee. Though Walter is still angry and afraid, trying to drown out Peter’s calls for help with an array of speakers at high volume. Not working though. I wonder how long before this comes to a head. I say at the most 5 more episodes. Any more and it will just be silly.

Over all, though, a pretty good ep, even if it continues this seasons tradition of not offering any good Walter quotes.

Rating: 4 out of 5