Dec 272011

“We’re off to outer space, we’re leaving Mother Earth,
To save the human race, our Star Blazers.”

What would be a sci-fi song list without the inclusion of at least one Anime theme song. This one is a classic, fromt the 1970s series Battleship Yamoto, and the English Version known to the rest of us as Star Blazers.

“We must be strong and brave, our home we’ve got to save
If we don’t in just one year, mother Earth will disappear.”

Combining a degree of Funk with an Internationale inspired melody, the theme song is sung by what is reminiscent of The Red Army Chorus to great effect (which The Pet Shop Boys would later emulate with their version of the 70s disco standard Go West to similar effect.) And, unlike many themesongs, the song explicitely describes the dire and dramatic situation the crew of the Yamato (Argo in the English version) and the Earth faces.

“A cry for help, a desperate plight, makes our Star Force reunite.
As we rush to meet our fate, the Comet Empire awaits.”

And as plus, the second series altered the lyrics to fit the situation of season two (which anticipates elements of the later Star Trek III in it’s plotting). Check it out, the arrangements are still pretty effective: