Mar 042012

Bridesmaids success continued on to 2012, as the comedy smash earned at tie for second place in the most awards won at the 31st Silver Lenas Awards (with Attack The Block, X-Men: First Class and Green Lantern) after racking up the fourth most nominations (13).  Kirsten Wiig was declared Coolest Actress while Co-star Melissa McCarthy snagged a Coolest Supporting Actress award.  most notably the film fell short as Coolest Film and Best Original Screenplay (as well as Coolest Villain) but the awards won were spread over a wide range, showing that the nominators appreciated many aspects of the film.

Below is the list of Bridesmaids Wins:


Coolest Actress – Kirsten Wiig

Coolest Supporting Actress Melissa McCarthy

Best Compiled Soundtrack

Best Vehicle  Kristen’s crappy, crappy car [and get that taillight fixed!]

Best Food [burritos, giant cookie, etc]

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Feb 162012

Saturday Night Live actress/comedienne/screewriter has scored 3 nominations for the 31st Silver Lenas Awards, 2 two of which are for acting and two shared noms for her smash comedy hit Bridesmaids. The nominations are listed below:

Coolest Actress

Best Buddy Team (shared) with the rest of the girls

Best Original Screenplay (shared) with Annie Mumolo

Kristen was the enviable winner of this years’s Coolest Actress award!

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