Mar 052012


Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara  The Girl with Dragon Tattoo

Tom Cruise  Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol

Robert Downey Jr.  Sherlock Holmes:Game of Shadows

Michael Fassbender  X-Men: First Class

Puss & Kitty  Puss in Boots



Russell Brand  Get Him to the Greek

Paul Giamatti & Rosamund Pike  Barney’s Version

Mila Kunis & Natalie Portman  Black Swan

Helen Mirren  RED

Olivia Wilde  TRON: Legacy



Malin Akerman & Patrick Wilson  Watchmen

Alec Baldwin & Meryl Streep  It’s Complicated

George Clooney & Vera Farmiga  Up in the Air

Robert Downey Jr.  Sherlock Holmes



Elizabeth.Banks & Seth Rogen  Zack & Miri Do A Porno

Robert Downey Jr. & Gwyneth Paltrow  Iron Man


Hugh Jackman & Nicole Kidman  Australia

Angelina.Jolie & James MacEvoy  Wanted



Monica Bellucci & Clive Owen  Shoot ‘Em Up

Gerard Butler  300

Nathan Fillion  Waitress

Rose McGowan  Planet Terror

Viggo Mortensen  Eastern Promises

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Mar 032012

 This section title pretty much speaks for itself, containing many familiar awards categories such as Best Original/Adapted Screenplay, Visual Effects, Art and Set Design and Best Original Music/Song but also many esoteric awards like – Best Title Scream Moment(s), Best Hats, Best Monstercraft, The Michelle Yeoh Award For Best Fighting and more eclectic acting nods like Best Animated Character (Lead & Supporting), Best Animal and an award for Sexiest Sexiness.


Top Winners from this section this year include:


The Artist wins 3 Awards here

Best Original Music Ludovic Bource

Best Art and Set Design

Best Animal Uggie, the dog


Attack The Block also wins 3

Best Original Screenplay Joe Cornish

Best Monstercraft

The “Dario” Award For Most Spine-Crawlingest Creepiness


Bridesmaids joins the above with 3 Wins!

Best Compiled Soundtrack

Best Vehicle Kristen’s crappy, crappy car [and get that taillight fixed!]

Best Food  [burritos, giant cookie, etc]


Other Notable Award Winners:


The Adventures of Tintin wins 2 awards!

Best Credit Sequence

Best Animated Character (Supporting) Captain Haddock


Hobo With A Shotgun wins it’s second award:

Best Title Scream Moments(s) 

[This most awesome Title Scream is best appreciated by watching the below trailer]


The full list of winner for the 31st Silver Lenas Movie Awards will be posted no later than Tomorrow (March 4th, 2012) Afternoon.

Continuing thanks to Dorothy Birtalan for the feed.

Mar 012012

George Clooney has been nominated for 2 awards for the 31st Silver Lenas Awards. Both are for his work on the film adaptation of Beau Willimon’s play, The Ides of March (for which he shares a screenwriting nom. George was last nominated, also for two awards, for 2009′s Up in the Air (for Best Actor and Sexiest Sexiness with Vera Farmiga) – and he won them both!

George’s nominations are listed below:

Best Villain Ides of March

Best Adapted Screenplay Ides of March


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Feb 252012

Despite the Silver Lenas nomintors relative dislike for his Sherlock Holmes sequel as a whole (it received 8 nominations as opposed to the first’s 16), Robert continues to be the rare perennial nominee with two awards from the film.  Coolest Actor is pretty much a given for him (this is his 4th nomination for this award in  a row, albeit for his previous run as Sherlock Holmes, and for both Iron Man films).  He is also up this year for Sexiest Sexiness, but as Guy Ritchie declined to write him in a suitable counterpart (Misusing last year’s Coolest Actress Award winner Noomi Rapace in the process) he’s up for that award on his own .

Over the past 5 years, he has been up for 13 awards and has won 4 of them.

Robert previously won Coolest Actor in 2009 (for his role in 2009′s Sherlock Holmes).  He was nominated last year for his second crack at Tony Stark in Iron Man 2

He was last nominated for Sexiest Sexiness (again on his own) in 2009, also for his original take on The Great Detective.

Note: for 2008′s Iron Man, he did get to share a Sexiest Sexiness nomination (with Gwynneth Paltrow).


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Feb 242012

 The titular Puss in Boots and his partner in crime Kitty Softpaws (by no accident voiced by El Mariachi trilogy stars Antonio Banderas and Salm Hayek) are nominated for three 31st Silver Lenas Awards including, sharing, again to no surprise, a nomination for Sexiest Sexiness.

Their nominations are listed below:

Best Animated Character (Lead) Puss

Best Animated Character (Supporting) Kitty Softpaws

Sexiest Sexiness Puss in Boots & Kitty Softpaws

Note: Puss was last nominated for Best Animated Character (Supporting) for 2004′s Shrek 2

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Feb 182012

Brad Bird, director of the 4th installment in Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible series has clearly got Tom’s mojo back working, as the latest Impossible scored a surprising 13 Award nominations for the 31st Silver Lenas Awards (tied for 3th most with Bridesmaids) including a Coolest Director nom for Bird, Sexiest Sexiness for Cruise and two Coolest Supporting Actor nominations.

You’ll find the full list of nominations for MI:GP below:

Best Player With >= Scenes Tom Wilkinson
Coolest Film
Coolest Director Brad Bird
Coolest Supporting Actor Simon Pegg
Coolest Supporting Actor Jeremy Renner
Best Original Music Michael Giacchino
Best Visual Effects
The “Eric Stoltz’s Head” Award For Widescreen Composition
Best Credit Sequence
The “Bullitt Connection” Award For Best Chase Ssequence(s)
Best Vehicle BMW Prototype
The “Sexiest Sexiness” Award Tom Cruise
The Michelle Yeoh Award For Best Fighting

Note: This is quite an improvement over 2006′s rather tepidly recieved only 3 nominations – Coolest Supporting Actress (Maggie Q), Worst Music and a Most Underplayed Character nom for Mr. Cruise

Against stiff competition, MI:GP managed to score 3 awards out of its 13 noms, check them out here

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