Mar 032012

 The most prestigious awards categories are to be found here with the usual Best Film/Actor/Actress and their Coolest counterparts.  There are also some ecclectic awards included such as Best/Coolest Villain and Best Buddy Act.


Tops Winners in the Bestest and Coolest section:


The Artist dominated the Best Catagories, completely sweeping the top awards :

Best Film

Best Director Michel Hazanavicius [First French director to win a Silver Lena]

Best Actor Jean Dujardin

Best Actress Bérénice Bejo


Drive captured 3 Awards:

Best Supporting Actress Carey Mulligan

Best Villain Albert Brooks

Coolest Actor Ryan  Gosling


Other Notable Winners:


Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol earned 2 Awards

Coolest Director Brad Bird

Coolest Supporting Actor Simon Pegg [wins with highest score of any winner this year]


Bridesmaids scored 2 Awards

Coolest Actress Kirsten Wiig

Coolest Supporting Actress Melissa McCarthy


The full list of winner for the 31st Silver Lenas Movie Awards will be posted no later than Tomorrow (March 4th, 2012) Afternoon.

And a final thanks to Dorothy Birtalan for the feed.

Mar 032012

 This section title pretty much speaks for itself, containing many familiar awards categories such as Best Original/Adapted Screenplay, Visual Effects, Art and Set Design and Best Original Music/Song but also many esoteric awards like – Best Title Scream Moment(s), Best Hats, Best Monstercraft, The Michelle Yeoh Award For Best Fighting and more eclectic acting nods like Best Animated Character (Lead & Supporting), Best Animal and an award for Sexiest Sexiness.


Top Winners from this section this year include:


The Artist wins 3 Awards here

Best Original Music Ludovic Bource

Best Art and Set Design

Best Animal Uggie, the dog


Attack The Block also wins 3

Best Original Screenplay Joe Cornish

Best Monstercraft

The “Dario” Award For Most Spine-Crawlingest Creepiness


Bridesmaids joins the above with 3 Wins!

Best Compiled Soundtrack

Best Vehicle Kristen’s crappy, crappy car [and get that taillight fixed!]

Best Food  [burritos, giant cookie, etc]


Other Notable Award Winners:


The Adventures of Tintin wins 2 awards!

Best Credit Sequence

Best Animated Character (Supporting) Captain Haddock


Hobo With A Shotgun wins it’s second award:

Best Title Scream Moments(s) 

[This most awesome Title Scream is best appreciated by watching the below trailer]


The full list of winner for the 31st Silver Lenas Movie Awards will be posted no later than Tomorrow (March 4th, 2012) Afternoon.

Continuing thanks to Dorothy Birtalan for the feed.

Mar 032012

In this section Awards are handed out to the films and performers who generally caused the most cinematic pain to the Silver Lena’s nominators.  Included are the understandable Worst/Film/Director/Actor etc.  But also include Most Overplayed/Underplayed Role (although sometimes these turn out to be positive awards) and Least Convincing Screen Couple (often, but not always the opposite of the Sexiest Sexiness Award.)

Highlights from the winners of awards in this section:

Green Lantern adds 3 more awards to it’s total (now 5):

Worst Film

Worst Director Martin Campbell

Worst Actress Blake Lively

January Jones wins 2 of her 3 nominations:

Worst Villain X-Men:First Class (the first time an Actress has won this award!)

Most Underplayed Role X-Men:First Class (if she can underplay that outfit, she deserves an award!)

Other notable winners in this section include:

Most Overplayed Role Brian Downey, Hobo With A Shotgun

(A highly deserved award from the former star of LEXX.  Note – apparently not related to the oft-nominated and awarded Robert Downey Jr.)

Worst Actor (record Razzie nominee) Adam Sandler, Jack and Jill

The second award for J&J (it earlier won for Worst Trailer.  Note: Adam won this despite splitting the votes with his performance in just Go With It)


After handing out awards in this section, the attendees were treated to a reading of Green Lantern:The Abridged Script from, which includes the likes of:


Suddenly, RYAN is engulfed in a GIANT SNOT BUBBLE and transported to the CRASHED SHIP of TEMUERA MORRISON.


I am an alien in the Green Lantern corps.  I’m dying, so I sent my magical ring to find your planet’s bravest inhabitant and it chose you.




Dude, I live like 10 miles away.  Your ring is lazy as fuck.







What is this place?  It looks so… fake.  Seriously, how far does a live-action movie have to go before it’s considered a cartoon?  Did someone paste my face into a Pixar movie?


Welcome to Oa, home of the Green Lantern Corps.  You see, the universe is divided into 3,600 sectors, each with its own Green Lantern.



The universe has over 100 billion galaxies in it, so is each Green Lantern responsible for 27 million galaxies apiece?


I guess.  Anyway, your ring allows you to conjure up any object you desire.  The only limit to a Green Lantern’s power is his imagination.



Okay, I imagine a world without evil.


The only limit to a Green Lantern’s power is the screenwriter’s imagination.



Oh.  Look, I made swords and guns!

Go here to read the whole LOL hilarious and so-true script.


The full list of winner for the 31st Silver Lenas Movie Awards will be posted no later than Tomorrow (march 4th, 2012) Afternoon.

Further thanks to Dorothy Birtalan for the feed.