Jan 042012

Below is a list of 30 of my favorite sci-fi songs from the past 50 years. As you might expect, there are several novelty/parody tunes, themes from TV/Anime/Movies along with epic sweeps and moving ballads. You’ll find familiar themes (spacemen, Mars, robophilia, apocolyptica, slime, Richarand even Christmas refs) in a wide range of styles from sources both familiar and surprising. And of course, if you follow the links you can read my comments on each song (it’s themes andreferentiallyrics) as well as videos from each so you can find out why these songs are as cool as they are.


A Spaceman Came Travelling by Chris De Burgh

Black Noise by FM

Captain Nemo by Sarah Brightman

Christmas At Ground Zero by Weird Al Yankovic

Electric Barbarella by Duran Duran

Evangeline by Matthew Sweet

Experiment IV by Kate Bush

Green Slime (Theme) by Richard Delvy

Gypsy (Of A Strange And Distant Time) by The Moody Blues

I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper by Sarah Brightman

I Wish I Was A Spaceman (Theme of Fireball XL5) by Barry Grey

Living In The Plastic Age by The Buggles

Major Tom (Coming Home) by Peter Schilling

Might As Well Be On Mars by The Pukka Orchestra

One O’Clock Tomorrow by FM

Pilot by Ian Thomas

Poor Boy by Split Enz

Scatterlings Of Africa by Juluka

She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby

Sleeping Satellite by Tasmin Archer

Slime Creatures From Outer Space by Weird Al Yankovic

Some Other TIme by The Alan Parsons Project

Spaceman by The Killers

Star Blazers (Theme)

The Galaxy Song by Monty PythonThe Blob (Theme) by The Five Blobs