Mar 042012

2011 was a break out year for the new X-Men’s screen Magneto, as he earned an impressive 5 nominations (the most for an individual since Robert Downey Jr. picked up 6 in 2008) And while he came up short in his toplist nominations, he was still one of only two individuals to win more than one award this year (January Jones, who also starred inX-Men:First Class also earned a pair of awards this year.) on the plus side he didn’t win his single not-so-positive nominations (and thus helped spare Jennifer Lawrence some dishonor)

Michael Fassbinder’s 31st Silver Lenas Movie Awards are listed below:

Best Buddy Act (with James McAvoy)X-Men:First Class

The “Sexiest Sexiness” AwardX-Men:First Class

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Feb 252012

Despite the Silver Lenas nomintors relative dislike for his Sherlock Holmes sequel as a whole (it received 8 nominations as opposed to the first’s 16), Robert continues to be the rareperennialnominee with two awards from the film. Coolest Actor is pretty much a given for him (this is his 4th nomination for this award in a row, albeit for his previous run as Sherlock Holmes, and for both Iron Man films). He is also up this year for Sexiest Sexiness, but as Guy Ritchie declined to write him in a suitable counterpart (Misusing last year’s Coolest Actress Award winner Noomi Rapace in the process) he’s up for that award on his own .

Over the past 5 years, he has been up for 13 awards and has won 4 of them.

Robert previously won Coolest Actor in 2009 (for his role in 2009′sSherlock Holmes). He was nominated last year for his second crack at Tony Stark in Iron Man 2

He was last nominated for Sexiest Sexiness (again on his own) in 2009, also for his original take on The Great Detective.

Note: for 2008′s Iron Man, he did get to share a Sexiest Sexiness nomination (with Gwynneth Paltrow).


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Feb 252012

Director Guy Richie and Robert Downey Jr’s second foray into Arthur Conan Doyle revisionism has them testing the patience of the nominators in thier scoring 8 for the 31st Silver Lenas Awards. This is well down from 2009s Sherlock Holmes which earned double its sequel’s 16 nominations (and won 3 awards that year). Highly Appreciated Robert Downey Jr, however continues to rack up yearly recognition. In the last 5 years alone he has racked up a staggering 13 nominations and has won 4. Other notable noms for Game of Shadows is Best Villain for Jared Harris (who seems to have carried his talent from Fringe here) and for the Misuse of last years Coolest Actress Award Winner Noomi Rapace.

Sherlock Holmes:Game of Shadows‘s nominations are listed below:

Best Villain Jared Harris

Coolest ActorRobert Downey Jr.

Coolest SupportingActressKelly Reilly

Best Hats

Sexiest SexinessRobert Downey Jr.

The “Wrath of Kael” For Sloppiest Screenplay

Most Misused PlayerNoomi Rapace

Worst History

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Jan 182012

Oh, the action film equal. So many traps to fall into. In many respects Guy Richie’s 2009 big budget and frenetic version of Conan Doyle’s classic detective breathed new life into the characters. It was gritty, explosive, and both Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law breathed new life into Holmes and Watson. But what do do with a sequel. Certainly there were several hints as to what it would be. The question is, does Game of Shadows avoid the cliched pitfalls that often affect the second film in a series, or does it rise above them. Well…

*spoilers warning*

The answer is mostly: no it most certainly does not.

Now, lets talk about the good things first. Downey and Law again shine as partners and as actors. Sure, much has been made about the whole ‘Gay’ thing. But really, this isn’t anything new or revelatory, even as presented in this film. Hell, Christopher Plummer and James Mason pretty much played things the same way back in 1979′s Murder by Decree (mind you, they were offered an altogether better script than this.) Late Victorian era London and Europe have never looked more visceral. Jared Harris is excellent as Moriarty and his scenes are brilliantly realized. And Richie’s take on Holmes motivations are reasonably acceptable. Sure his motivations do become rather sentimental in the end, but I’m not going to complain about that. I will complain about Holmes being stamped into a manicJames Bond type character who does little detecting and a whole lot of spy-thriller typeaction-adventuring.

But, in all fairness, this shouldn’t have been the second film in the series. It should have really been the third. Why? There is so much excellent material that could have been played with prior to the whole Moriarty end game. There could have been adecentbuild up to this films crescendo. The whole effort feels rushed from a dramatic point of view. And it needn’t have been.

And yes, film does utterly fall into the trap that befalls many action movie sequels, the idea that everything needs to be replayed, only more so. So we get Holmes predictive fighting techiniques repeatedly played to excess, the whole gayness played up (oh my, Holmes in a dress – later dancing with Watson.), bigger and louder explosions and nastier torture. And then there is the plot. Yes, genre friends, Guy Richie decided to essentially steal the plot from the much derided 2003′s League of Extrodinary Gentlemen. Which, coincidentally has Moriarty trying to precipitate the First World War. Now, that film was rather a kind of superhero story, so in some small manner AGame of Shadows doesn’t quite manage to match it’s excess, but still, we were granted some originality in the first film. Was that too much to ask from the second?

Then, lastly, there is the early and quick removal of Irene Adler. As with his fellow revisioner Stephen Moffat (who helms the critically praised Sherlock series for the BBC) Conan Doyle’s most striking female character and the one who was at the very least a match for the great detective, is again reduced to a pawn in the Holmes vs. Moriarty cock duel and summarily dispatched over her romantic attachment to our hero. It is embarrassing to watch this and wonder why Ritchie (as well as Moffat)feel the need to crap on such an iconic figure. Is is simplemisogyny? Who knows. Yeah, there are other women in the movie. But they of course, while occasionally sparring with Holmes, pretty much do what they are told. It’s sad really.

Much of the rest of the cast is more ore less just there as wallpaper, whether it would be the sillified Mycroft (Stephen Fry), the understated Colonel Moran (Paul Anderson). Sure Noomi Rapace (the new European It Girl – With the Dragon Tattoo and all – as an anarchist gypsy) and Kelly Reilly (as Mary Watson) gamely play their background roles, but they don’t contribute much to the proceedings. It’s all over the top in the same sort of way that, say Rambo II was in comparison to First Blood. As such, I am not particularly looking forwards to the next Richiean Holmes effort.

Maybe I’ll just go watch Murder by Decree again (or perhaps it’s surprisingly effective kind-of remake, 2001′sFrom Hell.)

Rating: 3 out of 5