Mar 222012

We already no that Saturn Awards nominated Terra Nova is in discussion between it’s studio and Netflix for a possible second season. Now ABCs Thriller/Horror series on the Amazon,The River is involved in discussions between the network and the online streaming video giant. Neither show seemed to impress the network (or the mainstream audiences enough) although, to be fair, The River isn’t cancelled quite yet (although it’s CW level numbers do suggest that it will not be back next season.)

With series like Lilyhammer, the upcoming House of Cards (starring Kevin Spacey, directed by David Fincher) as well as a new season of Arrested Development Nextflix is opening up a whole new medium for Television series, genre or otherwise. And while I can’t say that either The River or Terra Nova were perfect (although I did find the faux found fottage horror series more compelling, thanks to better character writing and less cartoonish acting.) It would certainly be good to see the shows given a second season to work out their kinks (or perhaps, not limited to Network TV restrictions, perhaps add in some more.)

We shall see how this develops, but I am cautiously optimistic.