Mar 052012


Chinese rap  The Butcher  Chef, & Swordsman

“Life’s a Happy Song”  The Muppets

“Rango’s Theme Song”  Rango

“StarSpangled Man”  Alan Menken and David Zippel Captain America: The First Avenger

“Let’s Talk About Me”  Tex Richman rap, The Muppets



“Black Sheep”  Metric  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

“The Clap”  Dan Bern and Mike Viola  Get Him to the Greek

“Despicable Me”  Pharrell Williams  Despicable Me

“Garbage Truck”  Beck  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

“I’ve Got a Dream”  Alan Menken and Glen Evan Slater  Tangled



“Almost There”  Randy Newman  The Princess & the Frog

“Other Father Song”  They Might Be Giants  Coraline

“Petey’s Song”  Wes Anderson & Jarvis Cocker  Fantastic Mr. Fox

“Trust Me”  Marvin Hamlisch  The Informant!

“Up in the Air”  Kevin Renick  Up in the Air



“The Call”, ReginaSpektor  The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

“Down to Earth”, Peter Gabriel  WALL-E

“Jai Ho”, A.R. Rahman & Gulzar  Slumdog Millionare

“O Saya”, A.R. Rahman & M.I.A.  Slumdog Millionare

“The Wrestler”, Bruce Springsteen  The Wrestler



“Falling Slowly”  Once

“Le Festin”  Ratatouille

“Gently as she Goes”  Beowulf

“Guilty as Charged”  Walk Hard

“Pop Goes My Heart”  Music & Lyrics

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