Mar 042012

The Coolest Film of the year (as decided by the 31st Silver Lenas nominators), the low budget tale of aliens attacking a block in south London has earned debut director Joe Cornish’s film a place in a four way tie for second in most awards earned (with Bridesmaids, X-Men:First Class and Green Lantern).  This shows again the Silver Lenas nominators willing to overlook the lack of flashy effects and understand that it doesn’t take hundreds of millions of dollars to present a decent sci-fi tale.  Any way you look at it, 5 awards out of 11 nominations is a decent haul.  Most notably though, there was no breakthru for the individual actors as none of the 5 nominees won in their respective categories.  And while Joe didn’t manage a Coolest Director award, he did score a consolation prize with an award for Best Original Screenplay.

The film was also the first ever to win The Dario, The Death Machine and Best Monstercraft awards!

Attack The Block’s Awards are listed below:

Coolest Film

Best Original Screenplay Joe Cornish

Best Monstercraft

The “Dario” Award For Most Spine-Crawlingest Creepiness

The “Death Machine” Award For Excellence In No-Budget Filmmaking

Go to the 31st Annual Silver Lenas Movie Awards Winners Announcement

Check out Attack The Block’s full list of nominations

Mar 032012

The 31st Silver Lenas Movie Awards Ceremony started out with what I call the Categoria Esoterica, a set of unique awards likely not found anywhere else such as The “Stevey Seagull” Award For Greatest Movie Monstrosity Of the rear and The “Death Machine” Award For Excellence In No-Budget Filmmaking.

Highlights from this section this year include:

Neil Patrick Harris wins a “Companiero” Award for his third go at playing himself in the Harold and Kumar series of movies (A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas)

Attack The Block and Super 8 each win their first of what will probably be multiple awards (Death Machine and John Bunnyman respectively.)

And yes, James Franco and Anne Hathaway get to share a “Stevey Seagull” award for their REALLY terrible hosting of the Oscars last year.


note: the full list of award winners will be posted by Tomorrow (March 4th, 2012) Afternoon.

Thanks to Dorothy Birtalan for the feed.


Feb 192012

Canadian film was not disregarded by the nominators for the 31st Silver Lenas Awards. Three Canadian releases garnered a total of 10 awards nominations, some in major categories, some in more esoteric. The three films are:

Incendies, the film written and directed by Quebecois Denis Villeneuve about twin brother and sisters who travel to the middle east to fullfill their deceased mother’s final requests. It was nominated for a 2011 Academy Award (but was not shown in Toronto until 2012, hence it’s nominations here)

Hobo With A Shotgun, a tribute to 80s exploitation flicks written and directed by Jason Eisener and starring the legendary Rutger Hauer as the titular hobo. This film was based on a ‘fake’ interstitial trailer shown during Grindhouse screenings.

Your are Here, the self described ‘Meta-Detective Story’ written and directed (are we sensing a Canadian trend here?) by Daniel Cockburn and starring the late Tracy Wright.

The three films nominations are listed below.

For Incendies:

Best Film

Best Actress Lubna Azabal

For Hobo With A Shotgun:

Best Actor Rutger Hauer

Best Title Scream Moment(s)

Most Overplayed Role Brian Downey

The “Death Machine” Award For Eexcellence In No-Budget Filmmaking

For You are Here:

Most Underrated Film

The “Jon Bunnyman” Award For Artistic Excellence Through The Intentional And Judicious Use Of Bad Writing

The “Death Machine” Award For Eexcellence In No-Budget Filmmaking

The “Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie” Award For Really Messing With Your Brain


Hobo with a Shotgun won two of its nominations, check which ones here

You are here won the The “Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie” Award For Really Messing With Your Brain

Go to the 31st Annual Silver Lenas Movie Awards Nominations Announcement Posting

Dec 152011

“Could it be That somebody else is looking into my mind
Some other place, somewhere… Some other time.”

The Alan Parsons Project was known as sci-fi oriented progressive rock band, but despite the reputation, they actually produced few truly sci-fi tunes, even if they had ostensibly sci-fi themed albums like I Robot, Eye in the Sky, and Parsons later Time Machine.

“Now the starlight which has found me Lost for a million years,
Tries to linger as if fills my eyes ’til it disappears.”

Some other Time stands out from the 1977 album I Robot, as unlike most of the other songs the lyrics are not merely suggestive of science fiction, they relay a science fiction concept, that our POV character is being monitored from some distant time.

“Like a mirror held before me, Large as the sky is wide
And the image, is reflected back to the other side.”

And not just having wonderful SF style lyrics, the arrangement is one of the first classic Alan Parson Projects Power Ballads, featuring swirling analog synths, orchestral hits and muscular guitars, matched with Peter Straker’s spacy vocals.  A such, Some other time is comparable to the later and better known title track to Eye in the Sky or the great The Ignorance is Bliss from the much later Time Machine.

Below is a pretty decent CGI video set to the song.