Feb 232012

Joe Cornish’s Directorial debut with a film about a London gang defending their block against an alien invasion highly impressed the nominators of the 31st Silver Lenas Movie Awards by earning it a whopping 11 nominations including 5 in the ‘Coolest’ Categories alone.  This, despite the rather minimal budget Cornish worked with for an Alien Invasion film (Independence Day it’s not – although, really, that’s not a bad thing.) staring a collection of little known actors (although you might remember Jodie Whittaker from her smashing role in 2006′s Venus)

Attack The Block’s nominations are listed below:

Coolest Film

Coolest Director Joe Cornish

Coolest Actor John Boyega

Coolest Supporting Actress Jodie Whitaker

Coolest Villain Jumayn Hunter

Best Buddy Act Probs and Mayhem (played by Sammy Williams and Michael Ajao)

Best Original Screenplay Joe Cornish

Best Hats

Best Monstercraft

The “Dario” Award For Most Spine-Crawlingest Creepiness

The “Death Machine” Award For Excellence In No-Budget Filmmaking

Attack the block scored a notable 5 wins out of its 11 nominations.  Check them out here

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