Oct 272011

Yes apparently, on the even of season 3 of the popular BBC series, Mifits creator Howard Overman is working with Josh Schwartz (Chuck) on an adaptation of his groundbreaking show. While the show is popular and Schwartz has been successful, adapting UK shows, especially UK genres shows has been pretty disappointing over the years. On the plus side here, the two are adapting outside of network channels, and will be shopping the adapted script after it is completed. Another plus is there are actually networks where an American Misfits could thrive and still offer a similar degree of perverse humor that makes Misfits what it is.

The best places would clearly be either AMC (home to the likes of Breaking Bad) and HBO (True Blood) and perhaps STARZ (Spartacus) which already have shows which offer edgy material. MTV, with its current foray into scripted genre drama, most notably Death Valley, might be a possibility (although their adaptation of Skins was an embarassing failure.) Unfortunately SYFY and regular networks would likely eliminate most of the edgy content, and therefore would likely wreck any chance for a decent adaptation.

But if it’s able to retain it’s perverse humor and attitude, an American Misfits could be half-decent. And a half-decent British show is often the equivalent of a damn good American one.