Mar 032012

The 31st Silver Lenas Movie Awards Ceremony started out with what I call the Categoria Esoterica, a set of unique awards likely not found anywhere else such as The “Stevey Seagull” Award For Greatest Movie Monstrosity Of the rear and The “Death Machine” Award For Excellence In No-Budget Filmmaking.

Highlights from this section this year include:

Neil Patrick Harris wins a “Companiero” Award for his third go at playing himself in the Harold and Kumar series of movies (A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas)

Attack The Block and Super 8 each win their first of what will probably be multiple awards (Death Machine and John Bunnyman respectively.)

And yes, James Franco and Anne Hathaway get to share a “Stevey Seagull” award for their REALLY terrible hosting of the Oscars last year.


note: the full list of award winners will be posted by Tomorrow (March 4th, 2012) Afternoon.

Thanks to Dorothy Birtalan for the feed.


Feb 272012

Yes, Neil is up for two Silver Lenas Movie Awards this year. Firstly, 2011 found him sadly misused in the 3D animated Smurfs movie. And later he showed up, as he always does, as himself, in the latest Harold and Kumar film. His actual award nominations are listed below:

Most Misused Character The Smurfs

“Companiero” Award For When Somebody Plays Themselves As A Fictional Character A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

Note: Neil was last up for a Companiero award in 2008 for Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, and probably would have won, but he was up against the unbeatable Jean Claude Van Damme (JVCD).

Update: Neil scored one of his nominations, winning the “Companiero” Award For When Somebody Plays Themselves As A Fictional Character