Feb 252012

Despite the Silver Lenas nomintors relative dislike for his Sherlock Holmes sequel as a whole (it received 8 nominations as opposed to the first’s 16), Robert continues to be the rareperennialnominee with two awards from the film. Coolest Actor is pretty much a given for him (this is his 4th nomination for this award in a row, albeit for his previous run as Sherlock Holmes, and for both Iron Man films). He is also up this year for Sexiest Sexiness, but as Guy Ritchie declined to write him in a suitable counterpart (Misusing last year’s Coolest Actress Award winner Noomi Rapace in the process) he’s up for that award on his own .

Over the past 5 years, he has been up for 13 awards and has won 4 of them.

Robert previously won Coolest Actor in 2009 (for his role in 2009′sSherlock Holmes). He was nominated last year for his second crack at Tony Stark in Iron Man 2

He was last nominated for Sexiest Sexiness (again on his own) in 2009, also for his original take on The Great Detective.

Note: for 2008′s Iron Man, he did get to share a Sexiest Sexiness nomination (with Gwynneth Paltrow).


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