Mar 052012

This weeks’ episode, Dreamy, turns it’s focus rather away from the big machinations of the evil ones (for the most part) and turns its gaze on how much it sucks to be different in both small town Storybrook and The Magic Kingdom. In this case, we have the issues of being the Town Harlot/Town Drunk in small town America vs. Fairy & Dwarf in the magic kingdom. yeah I know it seems like a stretch, but this is how the episode plays out. Oh, and we learn a fair bit about what it is to be a Disnified dwarf, to to mention exactly how twee a fairy can get. Oh, and we get guest star Amy Acker (Angel, and most recently, like last week, on the fairy tale competion series, Grimm) doing her best to channel her inner Zooey Deschanel as the clumsiest fairy *ever*.

*spoilers warning*

The episode starts with the silly introduction of Nova (Amy Acker) as noted, an extremely clumsy fairy charged with fairy dust gathering duty (in fact this butterfingers who can’t fly straight is responsible for the entires year supply of fairy dust – make sense, no, but it cleaves nicely into her later problem in ‘the real world’. In the course of her duties, she drops some of it and it falls down on the egg of a just about to be hatched dwarf. (I guess it could be worse, on Grimm she was a spiderwoman who had to suck the organs out of young men to maintain her youth.)

Yes! In The Magic Kingdom, dwarve are hatched full adults from eggs (although itisn’tmentioned exactly what lays them), they are then given pick-axes which choose their names for them. Oh, and the diamonds they mine are crushed into fairy dust. Yep, that’s economics in The Magic Kingdom. So our current Grumpy/LeRoy, finds his name is Dreamy. Oh, and he is in love with the fairy, Nova/Sister Astrid. But, of course, Dwarves can’t fall in love and fairies will lose their wings if they don’t return to fairy land. Needless to say, the powers that be don’t like this burst of individuality and the romance is ruined (although we do get a cameo from Belle who tries to convince Dreamy to go for it.

Back in the real world, we get Mary Margaret trying to help the nuns of Storybrooke sell candles for the local Miner’s Day holiday. She even tries asking LeRoy, for which he offers this comment:

“Quite a team we’d make, town harlot, town drunk. They only person this town likes less than me, is you. If you’re coming to me, you’re screwed.”

But LeRoy gets a shower of fake snow dropped on him accidentally by Sister Astrid and the romance is on. And next thing we know, Astrid has bought 12 times the helium the nuns need for baloons and they won’t be able to pay Mr. Gold their next month’s rent. What to do?

So we do get a team of the town harlot and the town drunk trying to sell candles. Which goes along pretty rockily. Pretty soon Mary Margaret figures out that LeRoy is helping because he’s infatuated with Sister Astrid and we get this:

“She is a nun, LeRoy, could you pick anyone more unavailable!”

“Says the woman who went after a married guy!”

We get a series of failures as the two try door to door sales (In my experience, not fun at all, their’s too). Finally, it’s night and LeRoy figures out there’s only one option left. He finds his trustly pick axe and swings it into a transformer. Problem solved. Everyone rushes to buy candles. Even the old lady that hissed at mary margaret last weeks, helps our town harlot light here. Awww.

So yeah, The Magic Kingdom/Storybrooke sucks this week in exactly the same way! Although, I’m hard pressed to figure out which one sucks worse.

Meanwhile, The Mayor has provided some doctored phone records through Sidney to Emma (wow, she’s so easily corrupted – the moment he says he has a contact she’s all for it) which finger Prince Charming for his wife’s disappearance. Well, she is her mother’s daughter.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (there’s only so much twee I can take.)