Mar 022012

It’s not easy being green. Following up on the pain caused to the 31st Silver Lenas Movie Awards nominators by Green Lantern (which earned 10 not so positive noms), The Green Hornet(based of course on the cult classic 60s TV series) earned 4 award nominations, and yes, in all the wrong categories. Not even the car managed a positive nomination. It seems that this vanity project wasn’t the best thing for star Seth Rogen. Perhaps he should go back to making pornos with Miri?

The Green Hornet‘s noms are listed below:

Worst Film

Worst Director Michael Gondry

Worst Actor Seth Rogen

Most Overplayed Role Seth Rogen

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Feb 272012

18 Miles out takes us, well… 18 miles or so out from Herschel’s farm. You see Rick is taking Shane and the kid sniper they rescued to a point far enough from the Farm to not be able to get back. He’s also planning on using the opportunity to give Shane a talking to about him falling properly into line. In the meantime, Lady McBeth Lori uses the opportunity to lecture Maggie and Andrea about what it means to be a proper woman. Oh, yeah, and we get a stupid act that puts the men into zombie trouble and a the women dealing with Beth’s decision that she’s had enough of her crummy post-apocalyptic life. So yeah, we get to see how the menfolk and womenfolk seperately solve their problems. And it’s sorta illuminating, but mostly not so.

*spoilers warning*

The episode starts off in media res with Shane and Rick being chased by zombies in a school parking lot and the tied up kid trying to reach a knife to free himself. Right off it looks like someone did something really stupid. I’m not sure really if it was Rick deciding to handle Shane on his own. Of course, they get into a fight and Shane eventually throws a pipewrench at Rick, which smashes the school window and lets the zombies out. OK, it was ultimately a fight over whether to kill the kid then and there (because it turned out he went to school with Maggie.) But really, Shane doesn’t think Rick’s a real man (or at least not real enough for this world.) Eventually though, haunted by the two dead bodies of policemen zombies they killed earlier, Rick pulls and action rescue by car of Shane and gives him back his gun.

Are they going to kill the kid. Rick thinks probably, but he hasn’t decided. So the poor kid gets hooded and tied up again, and forced to listen to Sniff and the Tears Driver’s Seat (rather ironic really at that point.) SO who’s Ipod is that anyway? Who in the group listens to obscure British new-wave rock from 78 (Sure, it’s in my playlist, but I really can’t identify with any of the characters on the show.)

So, we’re kind of back to square one there.

Meanwhile we, not to mention Andrea and Maggie and Beth, get treated to some lectures of various lengths. Maggie, its about how men blame women for their own feelings (which, in the context of the show, was fairly spot on regarding Glenn’s behaviour), and then we get to hear her get bitchy at Andrea. And yeah, as I had worked out, since Andrea doesn’t do all the womanly stuff (cooking, laundry etc.) then she’s not a real woman. But she’s not a man, so to Lori, she’s just trying to get out of helping out where she should. Andrea returns some blistering shots as well, noting especially that Lori hasn’t even apologized for wrecking Maggie’s car.

The womanly crisis today is that Beth wants to go ‘The Road’ route and off herself, and tries to suggest a suicide pact with Maggie. Andrea figures that the girl needs a taste of the reality of suicide and not be treated like a child. As it turns out it was the right call but then we are treated to an angry Maggie (with bitch queen Lori’s support) in telling Andrea to never come in their house again. Then, as a parting hypocrasy, Lori kinda takes credit for Andrea’s understanding of the situation.

Well, after some thought, there are aspects of several characters that I find able to identifiable. The trouble is, it’s too small a bit out of each of the entire group.

Oh, yeah, zombies. They were OK. I liked that Rick has become smart enough to use Herschel’s technique to deal with the walkers one at a time. And the three zombie pile on he gets subjected to is as funny as it is horrifying. Again, we see the producers working both angles of the zombie apocalypse. Foley work on the zombie growling and squishy zombie stabbing.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (-0.5 me bing not a fan of lecture dominated scripts)