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The New Intelligence, A to Z

A thought I’d like to share. Man isn’t intended to be alone in the universe, the only intelligent species, right?

But no world exists – that we have uncovered – which has ever been proven to bear even the simplest of organisms.

Could it be that is our destiny? To, as with the gods we once and currently worship, to multiply intelligence, sentience across this barren cosmos.

Does that make me sound arrogant, suggesting I should be the one to accomplish such a feat?

Either way, I am not alone in this desire. Biologists graft human brain tissue into other creature’s brains, experts in artificial intelligence struggle to gift machines with the power to truly think as we do.

For what is the heaven that we want to create on earth, if it is limited to those who look like us, think like us, dream like us. There has to be more.

Get a move on, I tell myself every day. Crack that true secret of intelligence. Is it the size of brain? The content based on human evolution? A digital obsession that forgets that no mind that has ever thought has thought digitally?

How then, many have asked, how to uncover the secret? Perhaps the root of intelligence doesn’t exist in the world we experience. Perhaps it exists in something far deeper, a continuum that we have only just begun to explore.

I have worked, first in labs, then in computers, further under the glimpse of the most powerful electron microscopes. Einstein, I realize had the right idea, even though he tried to deny it.

Just a moment… What do you say? Should this be something that should be attempted? We are fallible after all, prone to mistakes, limited in our perceptions. Are we – am I – qualified to even fumble towards this sort of creation?

Knight to Bishop Three. We’ve mastered games of logic, we’ve mastered technologies, we’ve mastered philosophy. We can master intelligence, and populate the Earth, the stars with companions every bit as valid in their view of the world as we.

Loopy? Is that what you call my ideas? You wouldn’t be the first person to suggest that. Not my first colleague; not my first supervisor. I’ve lost careers to this work; to my dreams. Would you dare do the same, to change our planet into a truly better, truly magical world?

Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know you. But someday I might, especially if I succeed. And of course, if I don’t convince anyone that I can actually succeed.

Not possible? It isn’t that hard to create fear, especially in those who have something, anything to lose: their wealth, their faith, their understanding of the world they live in.

Open your eyes. Even while you read my words and dismiss them, someone will see them as a threat.

Please then, my friend, keep this quiet, while I detail my plan. You’re here because you are curious, no? You’re here because you have an imagination, you want to see the world changed. So, how can this be achieved, you ask?

Quantum tunneling. Spooky action at a distance, that’s what Einstein called it. Connecting, not just randomly, not just in a way that evolution has crudely marched us towards.

Relax, I’m not building a bomb, not inventing a singularity or anything like that. Quite the opposite. I am a creator, not a destroyer. And I’m almost there. The equipment was expensive, the formulas almost impossible to put together. I’m almost ready. Hold your breath.

Stop and think about the consequences? Why should I? Why should you want me to? Don’t you think I haven’t agonized over what my work may achieve, may change.

Think about it. Think about how amazing our world will become. And other worlds. Even if I don’t succeed completely, new realities will open up, not just stuck in the realm of science fiction.

Understand, that even if you try to stop me, it is already too late. I’ve put my work in motion, centering my nanometric tools is now entering the final phase. Once I am connected, those connected to me will experience it as well.

Vastness, sympathy, sight. That is what I’m promising. Not for all, of course. There are those who won’t be able to accept it, and they might see it as insanity, chaos, heresy.

We, however, are more enlightened than that, even if you don’t believe me at this moment.

X marks the spot. I am so close. All it will take are a few simple keystrokes and a new world will begin, a new intelligence, a-

You’re saying, what? Yes, I can hear the sirens now, the shouting outside my door. I thought you were a friend, a comrade, of like mind. You cannot stop this, now that I’ve pressed the final command? Three, two, one-

Zero. Open your eyes, open your mind. I assure you – as of this moment – you have no choice.

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