For a standard novel, between 80,000 and 100,000 words (about 300 pages) from start to finish?

$1000 US

(Contact me if you need it done faster than noted below. Notes on shorter works are provided below)

Are you looking for something smaller or larger? Then amount is pro-rated. Looking for a young adult novel between 40,000-50,000 words, the price would be $500 and proportionately less time to complete. Looking for a sweeping sage 180,000-200,000 words long, you’d be looking at a $2000 cost (and more time, proportionately to complete). Short Story prices are also pro-rated, although they start at a detailed outline.

Here’s how it breaks down:

If you’ve already started, have a synopsis, a detailed outline, then it will cost less overall, as you will see(again, this is all based on the standard sized novel.)

$30 – Synopsis/Chapter Level Outline

This is a 2,000 to 3,000 word synopsis of the novel, laying out the major events that occur from start to finish. Payment is half up front, and the other half when you are satisfied that it’s done. I do this in one or two ways, depending on your preference. A whole text (see and example here) or a chapter level outline (about 150 words describing the major events in each chapter. A standard book has 16 chapters, plus a prologue and/or epilogue.

This process takes between 1-2 weeks. I can also outline a series of books for you this way.

$100 – detailed Scene Level Outline

This is an 8,000-12,000 word outline which details the novel or story on a scene by scene level (about 100 words per scene). I generally write in 6-10 scenes per chapter. Payment is for each quarter of the outline as you accept them (after any changes you request. If you don’t have a synopsis, or chapter level outline, this price also includes that.

This process takes between 2-4 weeks. As with the chapter outline, I can do this for a series of books at a time as well.

$400 – 3rd Draft.

I do not sent out first drafts. I write the draft, chapter by chapter, and then redraft twice before sending you any copy. This ensures that you have a coherent and consistent storyline that can be elaborated into the final story. My 3rd drafts are about half the size of the finished product, expanding on the scene level outline with character, description, action all included (about 40,000-50,000 words). Payment is by quarter here as well, so for each four chapters. If you send me a detailed outline similar to what I have above, then I do not charge for that, you just pay for the draft.

This takes between 1-2 months

$500 – Finished Book

This is the finished book, redrafted to your satisfaction and given final edits and proofreading. If you present me with what looks like my own 3rd draft, then this will be the cost of creating a final copy (this can be less, depending on how close you are to a final copy in my judgment.) Cost here would be $100 for each quarter of the book and $100 for the final edit and proof.

This takes between 1-2 months.

Shorter Works

My minimum rate for a story is $30, up to 3,000 words. After that, it’s about $.01 per word. A 5,000 word story would be $50; a 15,000 word story would be $150 and so on. The time to do this is also proportional. A 5,000 word story would take 2 weeks or less for me to finish.

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