Editing should be all about making what you’ve written better, and that is my approach. If I do accept the job of editing your work that will be my prime objective. Again, as with ghostwriting, I don’t view it as my job to teach you how to write. My sole purpose here is to make corrections and to suggest how you can improve your work.


I will check for typos, grammatical errors and word usage. I will also, of course read your work to ensure that corrections that I make are in context with the style and context of the story you have written. I will also use the ‘track changes’ feature to ensure you can see every alteration I have made so that you can make the final choice of whether to accept what changes I have made.


This includes sentence and paragraph structure as well as chapter and story structure. Again, I read the work and suggest changes with reference to your style and the context of what you’ve written. My purpose here is to make what you’ve written clearer and easier to read. On a larger scale, I endeavor to determine what the story is about, and to ensure that the structure works with your intent for the maximum reader impact.


In my view, without people you don’t have a story, you have an essay or a lecture. Characters are the lifeblood of any story or novel. If they don’t ring true, or behave consistently, it hurts the overall narrative. My suggestions in terms of your characters actions will serve to make them true to themselves. For instance, if you have a character you’ve presented as intelligent, adaptable and capable, if they make a crucial mistake, it should presented, and even foreshadowed in a way that is true to the character. likewise, the opposite it true. Again, as with all other aspects, my goal here is not to rewrite your characters into different ones, it’s to look at what you’ve created and ensure that they are true to what they are as well as what they mean to the overall story.

Overall Story

As with structure, my suggestions here will be to ensure that you express your story in a meaningful way. I never make significant suggestions in story alteration lightly. My goal here is to ensure that what you’ve written is true to the story you are trying to get across. If you’ve written a tragedy, I’m not going to suggest you re-write a happy ending, but suggest changes to make it all the more meaningful. And of course, the reverse is true as well. Again, as with your language and structure, I see it as my job to ensure that after my edits your story is notably improved.

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