Editing and Proofreading costs significantly less than the actual ghostwriting of a novel.  You can either specify exactly the level of the work you want done, or you can send me a copy or sample and I can suggest the level of work required. Below are the rates for various levels of proofreading/editing. Again, note that should your work be smaller or larger than the standard 80,000-100,000 then the quote will be pro-rated.

Critical Review – $50

I will go over your book and provide a critical review, covering your characterization, plot, style, and grammar. Note: It’s not my job to judge the genre you’ve chosen. If I agree to review your work, you can be assured that my comments will be strictly set out to help make it better in context of its genre.

Proofreading – $100 ($25 per quarter)

This is a basic check for grammar, word usage, typos etc.

Basic Editing – $250 ($50 for critical review+ $50 per quarter)

This includes a critical review and proofreading, also covers paragraph structure, basic continuity, improvements to a few scenes that need some extra work.

Extensive Editing – $300-$500

If your book requires more than basic editing, then you’re basically looking at a full draft. This will range from $300 to $500 depending on how extensive the redrafting will be. You can check here for my general fees for ghostwriting. As well, it would probably be best to start off with a Critical Review before getting into this level of editing.

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