Welcome to my ghostwriting/editing website. Are you looking for someone to help you get your ideas on paper (or on an ebook reader screen) or need some help polishing up what you've already written? I am a creative and skilled writer and editor in the science fiction/fantasy/horror genres who has helped many people like yourself..

My editing and ghostwriting has included numerous genres of fiction as well as non-fiction. This includes, erotica, science fiction, crime fiction, horror, fantasy, urban fantasy, young adult fiction, steampunk, space opera, post-apocalyptic fiction, children's fiction, LGBT fiction, historical fiction, adventure fiction, contemporary thrillers, blogs, websites, magazine articles, novels, short-stories, mission statements, biographies and more. I have numerous works published as well as several available online.

In the past few months alone I have edited a horror anthology, a science fiction novel and a trilogy of steampunk short stories. I have also helped develop a science fiction series by taking a clients ideas and expanding them to several detailed outlines. I have also, from clients outlines, ghostwritten 2 YA science fiction novels as well as a Steampunk Adventure Trilogy, 2 Paranormal Romance series (a 5 parter and a trilogy) and numerous other fantasy and science fiction novels and novellas.

And I can do the same for you.

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You can also check out works I have freely available to read online; a science fiction novel, a post-apocalyptic short story, a satirical science fiction story, a short fantasy novel & the first 30+chapters of an urban fantasy novel, a paranormal mystery novella, a comedic science fiction novella, and a few works of  multi-genre flash fiction.

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Looking Forwards to helping you out!