21 Conclusion, Or, The Clone Doesn’t Actually Fall From The Tree


In order to avoid much of the legal charges brought on him for allowing an unknown and dangerous entity to shut down the station for a significant period of time and the death s and mutilations of numerous member of the station crew and their clones, the duplicant of Balleeni Filterer Phil was remanded to a consentient mental health facility for evaluation and, if deemed necessary, preventative treatment of potential future lapses.

On petition from the local Sfroga Consulate, he was ultimately released without being forced to undergo radical quantum surgery which would prevent any further risk of his empathic nature to be used by alien entities.

Once released, Phil, or at least Phil II decided not to try and take the rift diving, superstring transport job after all, and will work his way more slowly towards the Vahindi Occlusion.  After a lengthy time in the mental facility while the tortuous legal proceedings ran through, which he told me he didn’t want to be created to put up with anyway, he decided to find instead supplemental work related to purifying zero-point energy,  figuring the knowledge and experience he developed over his millennia in the business could go a long way.

Early on, this included overhauling the communities particle beam weapons after a fleet of Grabos arrived to protest the growing dark matter halo surrounding the galaxy that they say is a byproduct the intergalactic supersymetrical energy industry.

And while the other beings there are by no means sane in any stretch of the consentient code of logistics and behaviors, he is enjoying himself better, he claims, than his time on the brane puncturing station.  That is perhaps, because he has not been provided with telempathy cybernetics so the behavior of the other mind altered consentients there simply appears to be the normally insane behavior we see enacted by those alien to ourselves.

Just last cycle, we learned he has also changed his mind, and hopes to be moving on soon, and restart the career in honor of his predecessor (and after finding out that he wasn’t really earning as much in the fields of related work) enough to catch a fire liner to the Quillian sector where he can continue to fulfill his dream of filtering his was around the galaxy.  And as for this snag, considering he has another six to ten thousand years to go is pretty minor all things considered.

Will he have another clone to be created to carry on for him?  He’s not sure, but understands that the first clone is the hardest.  Once you’ve recreated yourself, he reasons, as his former co-workers suggested, why not do it again and again.  You’ve broken one natural law.  The punishment doesn’t really get worse if you do it a hundred times.

Brane punctured anti-entropic energy continues to be, and will in the future be the most widely used form of interstellar civilization power that we have, regardless of the weird and potentially universe destroying risk it creates.  Our societies demand that we get from one star system to another in less than hundreds or thousands of years.  For those who take the slow route, the producers continue to assure that there will still be a universe around for you when you reach your ultimate destination.

<<After failing to convict any of the  alien invaders of the planet Couiscouis for various crimes directly against Couiscouisity, their leaders have turned to civil court to prosecute for damages, pain and suffering and the overall negative effect it has had on their societies cohesiveness and loss of self esteem.  Several of the invading species have attempted to get this action thrown out of court, claiming that the Couiscouis had been asking for it (citing numerous radio broadcasts emanating from the Couiscouis homeworld during the early years of their space age. >>

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