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In this dispatch, Supersymetrical Filterer Phil, A Balleeni on a quest to work his way around the galaxy decides to take up an assignment on a isolated brane puncturing station in a space warped dark cluster.  While he does manage to acquire gainful employment, he is compelled to create a clone of himself and learns that the crew of the station he may be going to could be trouble.

Arriving at the station he is abandoned to his fate by the hyperspacial torpedo that brought him.  He eventually finds his way to his work area and meets several of the crew and his soon to be co-workers.  While generally accepting of alien ways, he finds his co-workers are still somewhat wearing on him, and he looks out through a portal into the black space of the dark cluster for respite.  This, however, turns out to be the worst thing possible for him to do.

Intelligent entities from outside the station gain access to the consentient communication web that the workbeings share and begin to use them to act out whatever urges that they have been repressing.  Phil eventually realizes his life is in danger, but is unable to escape before he too is overcome.  Meanwhile, the dark energy consortium that owns the station continues to send clones to the station in order to keep the quota’s up to par.

Phil’s clone is activated, and required to finish his predecessor’s contract, something that he is reluctant to do.  He does, however, survive, to find himself on the legal hook for the consortiums losses.  When we last hear of him, he has undergone treatment in a consentient mental health facility in order to avoid being held liable for the losses incurred by his predecessor’s actions.  The hyperspacial torpedo who served to take him to and return him from his assignment remains unfulfilled, as during his dreamed of military assignment, he turned out to be a dud.″>Go To Synopses Of Chapter 01”>Go To The Dispatches From The Intergalactic Compendium/

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