Chapter 20 Synopsis


Phil the second recalls the words that he received about what a station assignment would be about, albeit a bit more bitterly than he would have if he had not had to replace his former self.  He even toys with the idea of finding a different vocation.

As it turns out, Blueneck was by no mean’s his predecessor’s first clone, and therefore has found itself rather accepting of its fate.  Phil thinks on that as his duty cycle winds down.  He also discovers, on departure that he will be taken back on the same Hyperspatial torpedo that brought him.

The torpedo is likewise in a disappointed mood, as its one chance at military glory was spoiled by a dud of a weapon, and it too is forced to reenact a vocation that it no longer cares for.  Phil the second, has bigger problems, however, as, despite having virtually experienced his predecessor’s time at work, as he only worked a limited amount of time,  his pay is less than expected, and with supersymetrical energy consortium lawyers after him, submits to a consentient mental facility in an attempt to escape their demands for reparations for lost earnings when the station was shut down.

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