Chapter 19 Synopsis


Phil’s clone continues the story, as he has actually been relating his predecessor’s memories for the record.  While he is reluctant to finish the contract, the War Fleet Emporer’s Clone who originally hired Phil, assures him that there is no further danger at the brane puncturing station.

On his return to the station he finds that his co-workers don’t seem to be too upset about their experiences, Blueneck’s clone is especially affable.  However, he does learn that the higher ups are rather upset about losing their bonuses, and are looking at a scapegoat to turn their wrath and naturally, litigation against.

As such, as well as being ‘Phil the second’ and with a slightly different attitude, the replacement takes on his assignment with more caution and less enthusiasm, as he is not without more than the expected issues of being a copy of another, albeit, deceased consentient.

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