Chapter 14 Synopsis


But xeno-sexuality isn’t Bluenecks’ only interest, as he served several tours of duty during some of the most violent of the interstellar wars against The Morphoids, an intractable shapeshifting species, where he learned many different manners of dispatching the enemy.

This he has in common with Because, and they share many of the different techniques while working along side Phil.  And, as Phil’s telempathic receiver is not up to spec, the imagery passed between Blueneck and Because get mixed up in Phil’s mind and he becomes unable to distinguish between the elements of xeno-sexuality and violence against the shapeshifting enemy.

Having no choice, Phil retreats to his work and pours more concentration on the black void beyond the porthole, now beginning to understand why his Sfroga predecessors had it constructed.  He, however, is quite wrong in his assumptions of what it is for.

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