Chapter 13 Synopsis


Phil learns that Blueneck’s apparent obsession with xeno-sexuality stemmed from his service in the galactic visiteering Industry, in which more developed consentient life forms from interstellar civilizations chose to help out more primitive planet bound species as opposed to engage in the more typical exploitive activities aliens were wont to do to hapless semi-sentient species.

Phil’s discomfort with this subject, as his own species reproductive nature is not particularly of note, encourages Blueneck to provide more detail in his descriptions of what those in the visiteering industry engage in, regardless of the often lack of actual compatibility between various advanced and less advanced life forms.

Blueneck is, of course, not condemning the visiteers, as he himself became involved in the industry for exactly the same reasons as the rest did; to act out on his own personal urges where it came to alien species.

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