All this started at a small secondary space station orbiting an unimpressive brown dwarf near the edge of the Okposo Dark Cluster.  If there’s a totally black spot in the galaxy, that is it.  I transponded the information requests and waited amongst a variety of consentients in the applicant lounge of a brane puncturing satellite consortium.  I figured I had a good chance since Balleeni have always been amongst the most sought after of supersymetrical filtering technicians, not to mention most of the others looked like Sfroga hybrids.  We know what we’re doing, we’ve got a feel for it, and we don’t mind getting our hands soiled with dirty dark matter.  Sfroga? With their magnetic sucker fingers.  Not so much. What possessed them to apply I had no idea, but parts of their rubbery looking skin was mottled with what looked like some sort of a fungus.

I felt my chances were at least 50/50.

So, introductions from our unnamable presenter, we dive into the personality and perception of our POV character Supersymetrical Partical Filterer Phil.  Who’s somewhat self-aware in his own rather relaxed way.  Even the introduction of a clone of the monster his species is deathly afraid up isn’t enough for him to back out from his job interview.

Yeah, I wasn’t looking for a moral, heroic character for a science fiction satire.  I wanted a character who was more of a blasé personality who would offer a more absurdist view of the dangers around him.

You don’t list the recency and any notable genetic and psychological variances of your latest clone.”

Of course I left that part blank. 


“I… I don’t have a clone,” I told her.

“Why not?” She wanted to know, as if he was asking why I didn’t have three eyes. And I wasn’t about to explain that.

“I guess I just don’t need one.” 

Can’t say I’ve never thought of it, but, you know how it is.  I’ve known people with clones, and they always complain they are a handful to deal with.

So when the subject is broached, as you can tell, his reaction to the thought of cloning is more of mild concern and a reaction to others who complain about the inconvenience of having a clone (or several) underfoot.  Sort of the same way that we come to accept aspects of our lives where people a few generations ago would be aghast at.  Technology tends to change societies like that.

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