Have you ever felt as though you’ve gotten yourself into an unexpectedly difficult situation, such as being stuck in the Schwarzschild radius of a black hole, or found yourself being reduced to component amino acids by the viral wraiths of Gwam? No?  Then you probably need a small cluster of symbiotic sympathetic implants to identify with our latest dispatch from the intergalactic.  We have just the things.  Fitting well now? Just give them a few moments to burrow under your epidermis.  There.  Now you, as well as the rest of your species, providing for a decent viral infection rate, should be able to keep up.

In the spirit of the sort of broadcast one would get from publicly broadcast personal missives, as well as a reminder of older sci-fi satire, I decided it would be apt to provide an introduction to the story and viewpoint character before delving into the actual first person narrative story.  Both presenting the chance of creating an objective personality with witch to approach the series and particular individual stories within (a nod to Douglas Adams work in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.) to offer somewhat of a parody to how this sort of thing is handled with more serious real world works.

He’s rather proud of the limited number of close proximity consentients who’ve been disemboweled, cut limb from limb, ventilated, disintegrated or otherwise met their maker over the course of his travels:

“Nothing that a Medicvac couldn’t repair in a jiffy.  Except for the disintegrations.  You can’t fix that. Not really.”

“Who doesn’t appreciate a good bout of space sickness?  Clears the system.  I’m telling you, clears the system.”

But I wanted to still allow for a rather deadpan and dispassionate view of some rather horrific circumstances so as to throw a little absurdity in viewpoint.  And this can even allow for some introduction to our POV character’s personality as well, something that is at least, to a small degree, valuable to maintain tone.

<<Galactic News Flash:Parasitic riders of several Life ships in the Gavalmoori Scattering have been expelled onto interspatial link worlds orbiting several brown dwarfs and ordered to provide twenty percent of their energetic enzymes to ensure reaching their more desired destinations.  Scattering representatives claim the parasites gateway biochemical operators provided fraudulent non-symbiotic biomass in exchange for transit. The inhabitants of the said brown dwarf worlds are also taking legal action after their worlds were devastated by the Scattering’s repeated discharges in their interstellar vicinity.>>  

In addition, I created some additional news reports at the end of each chapter, just to remind you that, yes, this is indeed a rather messed up universe you’ve wandered into.

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