Now, as you all know, or I would hope, some of you, being a conduit doesn’t feel all that bad, in fact it feels pretty natural.  As long as what your channeling it flowing through you and not merely into you, it’s not a problem, in fact it can feel like your in the zone.  Experiencing perfection, in touch with the universe.  All that. 

 And of course, the conduit doesn’t concern itself with where the flow is going too.

 That’s a drawback to utilizing telempathic cybernetics to allow different species and forms of consentience to communicate across the various universal communication barriers.  After all, once everyone knows how to talk to each other, they can know how they feel about each other, and what they’d like to do to each other.  It removes the sort of boundaries any sort of natural and evolutionary developments would preclude.

 It can be a vulnerability, but not the sort of thing you expected to have problems with in the middle of nowhere in a Dark Cluster.  No one expects there to be intelligent forces floating about looking for some stimulation, looking to stir the pot, looking to create a little action.

And of course this leads to a little rationalization of what’s happened, and follows the classic trope of technology making us more vulnerable, not less.  But I did try to throw in the subversion of the so called higher life forms being bored beings that want to play around with the lesser life forms.

But in the science fictional setting, the lesser life forms tend to be more like us to ensure your identification with the characters, and the higher beings, well, I’ll leave that up to whatever you look upon as a superior being, whether they simply have bigger sticks, or more sophisticated hands and minds that wield them.

Needless to say, this became a problem.  Not that I noticed anything immediately, as I mentioned, most of this, quite literally went over my head, or through it to be more precise. I really only started to notice when the actual physical violence began.  At first I just thought it was when Blueneck and Because started knocking each other about.  I was aware of them going at it, tentacle to whatever for a few moments, then turned back to my work trance only thinking: hmm… that was interesting. What could have possible provoked that?  They seemed so chummy just a little while before.

 Now, at this point, I just thought they were reenacting their own transmitted experience, a little physical demonstration.  But after the medicvac was call in to do some somewhat serious repairs on their bodies then I became a little more suspicious of what was happening..

 “I’m comin’ back for you,” Blueneck shouted at me as he was forcibly confined to a medical unit.  I could only stare as his bloodies and waving tentacular limbs were restrained by the unit’s robotic arms.

 Me?  I pointed at myself as my coworker twisted against his bonds safely beyond my protective force field.

 “You can *blank**blank*count on it,” he called back as they too him away. “I’m gonna *blank**blank*you, then I’m going to *blank**blank*you and into your *blank*then through your*blank*.”

 Of course, there is the promised descent into madness.  Yeah, it’s kind of like the crazy version of Chekov’s gun.  But the actual madness and possession by the motivations of the dark cluster beings is’t really the direct satirical assault here, it’s just the setup to the punch line.  After all, things go wrong all the time everywhere.  The more interesting and telling part of a disaster is often the response.  And that’s where I wanted the story to flip back into satire.

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