Neither Blueneck’s neck, nor the rest of his bulky body stayed still for long. This I realized pretty early into my first shift of work.  His synthetic voice also kept going, going and going although mostly it specialized in the types of communication my profanity filters blocked out from my conscious comprehension, of which, of course, I remain grateful.

 And, unfortunately for my deeper thought patterns, the strength of his through the telepathic translator system we were all coupled into, also rarely took a break.  That, sadly, I could not completely turn off.  Workers at these sorts of stations were required to be able to comprehend their co-workers at all times.  Even if that particular comprehension involved disgust, dismay, horror, vomiting, the like.  The law the law.  It’s for safety.  Everyone knows that.

 Now, sure, you might think that sort of thing is used by sensitive species which has no tolerance for the xenospicy side of existence, but I’ve learned with regards to many species, sexual deviancy and religion play a key part in profanity, and ones on species can be bad enough.  Once you start applying the kinds of things Alien species use for their own personal and cultural invective compulsions, then you can hit a different plane of disturbing.

Of course, I wasn’t going to limit myself to an open window on blackness.  Alien societies and the sense of comfort and safety that comes with being able to easily communicate is ripe for exploiting, asAdamsdid with hisBabelfish.  And one can easily see how an invention that can be a benefit can easily become mandatory, regardless of the rare potential side effects of its use.

And with Phil’s personal overconfidence in the area of managing somewhat offensive alien thought, I thought I’d play with the potential negative effects, although not right away.  I wanted to ease into things so that when the shit hit the fan it wouldn’t throw anybody off.

<<Galactic News Flash: The Develian Crake, a super organism species type is currently in the process of simplifying It’s reproductive system by genetically grafting suitable characteristic of approved alien species.  If you would like to offer up members of your simplistic sexual species, or know a relatively defenseless species which members can be culled from, please contact your local Develian Crake consulate.  Don’t be afraid, they won’t eat you.  They save that behavior for their designated reproductive partners.>>  

Something I also wanted to use in the news flashes, as I have also been using the general narrative for is to introduce threads which will show up in Dispatches From the Inter-Galactic stories to come.  One thing that writing does, when I’m paying attention, is provoke more writing.  This is what, to a certain degree, this series is all about.

Each story should lay the groundwork for future stories, a flow of ideas an concepts that can build on each other as a world building exercise as much as  it is designed to explore story telling, or to offer the odd perversely disturbing image in this case.

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