A little background information on the author of the science fiction series Defending Mars, A. A. (Double A) Roi

Born in the United States to Canadian parents, he has developed a somewhat sardonic view of both nations, their relationship with each other, as well as the rest of the world. He has spent much of the past decade ghostwriting genre fiction including SF, Fantasy, Paranormal Mystery & Romance, Thrillers, YA fantasy and science fiction and more.  You may have even read one or more of the dozens the novels, novellas and short stories he has written under as many different names. Here on thenewscifi.com you can read the varied works published under his own name.

Double A lives in the far, far south, and shares his home with a handful of rescued cats. He is currently engaged in several writing.ghostwriting projects in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror. This includes the Post Apocalyptic Space Opera Series, The Promethead, the SF Satire Anthology Series, Dispatches From The Inter-Galactic, the Fantasy Series, Black Cloak White Art, Shallow Ends of Infinity multi-genre flash fiction, the Paranormal Mystery Series, Call it a Mission, the upcoming fantasy time-travel series, Stepping Through, the near-future dystopian series, Citizenship Revoker Enburi, the young adult fantasy series, Heirs of the Dragon and the dark anthology series, Dark States. He as also collaborated on three paranormal mystery novellas with Alyth Burnett, Territories, Unpredictable and Consequences