It has been eighty years since the since the last Conjunction of the Three Realms and the accompanying Riven War wrecked havok on the world of Aethros.  Since then the Wizards of the North have worked hard to reshape thier identities, forge the Alliance of the Thirteen Greater and Lesser Kingdoms and prepare for the next conjunction, barely more than a decade away.

But under the twin suns, one hot one cold, something is not quite right.  Greyslan Amberglass, veteran of the last conjunction and one of the masterminds behind the new orders of magic has begun to discover that the plans he helped enact aren’t quite turning out as expected.  And the new generations of Wizards have their own ideas of how to defend against inevitable conflict with the worlds above and below.

To uncover these growing conspiracies, he sets out into the new world he helped create, searching for answers and uncovering threats to the lands he vowed to protect.  And this starts with the theft of a set of Arcory Stones, created in the last act of his mentor Arcory, Master of Demons, Victor of The Riven War.  Where it will end, there is know way yet to know…

The Stones of Arcory is the first story in the fantasy series, Black Cloak White Art. You can begin reading it here.

What is Black Cloak White Art?

This is the story of the Wizards who helped shape the Alliance of the Thirteen Greater and Lesser Kingdoms of the world of Aethros.  It is about the changes they wrought in order to prepare for the next great conjunction and an attempt to avoid the dangers of the past.  It is also about how such plans have been altered, about the conspiracies to undermine and bend their plans to different wills.  And it is about those who still strive to maintain the spirit of plan to ensure that The Alliance and it’s people are not shattered once again by the inevitable conflict between Aethros and the realms above and below.