A little background information on the author of Black Cloak White Art, A.A. (Double A) Roi

Born in the United States to Canadian parents, he has developed a somewhat sardonic view of both nations, their relationship with each other, as well as the rest of the world. He developed in interest in sci-f media and literature, writing and art, from an early age as well as an keen interest in the future (where we all are, after all, going to spend the rest of our lives). With a desire to learn, but little interest in being taught, he has started and been involved in numerous businesses involving cosmetics, IT, the internet industry, as well as audio-visual tech.

He lives in the far south, and shares his home with a handful of cats. Double A is currently engaged in several writing projects in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror. This includes the SF Post Apocalyptic series, The Promethead, and the SF satire series of stories, Dispatches From The Inter-Galactic.