The Stones of Arcory
Chapter Thirty Three
A Reunion Without Daggers

Missive to the Blue Guardians

Storm Season Second Quarter Second Day of Charm

Greetings, our allies in the east. We have been led to understand that the venerable Greyslan Amberglass has taken shelter with your order. We wish to ask of our fellow’s condition and health and would request that you endeavor to ensure that he remains in good stead. We further as permission to send transport to return our good fellow to the comfort of one of his fellow’s towers.


“Twenty three years,” she whispered into my ear as her fingers gently stroked my beard. “And no word from you. Not one.”

I turned to look into her eyes as we lay beneath one of the great willows that helped make up her forest palace. The breeze carried the perfumes of her garden over us. The green carried me to this verdant place beneath a dome of leaves and arcana. I doubt even all Council acting in unison could find me here. Not even the Great Demon Vedas had been able to penetrate her sanctuary; one reason I survived Riven War.

“You made it quite clear that our paths were irrevocably separate,” I reminded her.

“And did you think that I meant what I said?” she replied, her soft warm fingers traced my collarbone, cold as a knife blade, hot as a lick of flame.

“The dagger you thrust into my chest seemed to show clear intent,” I told her. Her fingers wandered down to the scar that served as a reminder. Her body pressed against mine, her skin radiating the heat like that of the Hot Sun.

“I was quite angry at you,” she admitted in a sweet tone. “Your council’s wars did not appeal to me, or my kind. But I am happy you survived the dagger. I wasn’t upset the poison would kill you, even though it should have. There was still much of Arcory in you then. I admit I did always underestimate his strength.”

“And now?” I asked, seeing little more than the cascade of her golden hair before my eyes.

“You have allowed yourself the mortal path,” she sighed, her breath falling on my chest. “But you are still Greyslan, if older.”

She laughed then, turning her blue eyes back to mine as she moved over me..

“And still causing trouble.” She pressed a long sharp nail against my cheek.

“Were your sisters that unhappy about what I did?” I wondered. “It seemed a small thing.”

She sat up, turned to face me, the shadows of the great trees leaves dappling her pale skin. Her expression was a serious one.

“You know dear you’ve made my sisters quite upset, but that is not difficult these days, especially with the youngest.” Gwyn told me in a light tone. “They petitioned me to burn you down to the bone and then let the crows pick off what meats remain.”

It felt good to feel her touch again after such a long time. I smiled and looked back at her. She offered a grin.

“You must remind me to thank them for their kind words the next time I cross paths with them,” I replied. “Unless you intend to honor their request. Then I suppose that could wait.”

She laughed again. It had been a long time since I witnessed the sound of so much of it, Sweet and thrilling. But after she left he turned serious again.

“I wouldn’t recommend you cross their paths again. I allow them much leeway in their actions, as they have earned that right. Even where it might come to one as precious as Arcory’s last apprentice. I do have my authority to concern myself with. You think your council is a viper’s nest? The mother’s of those you encountered have centuries bear more venom than those high towered lightning-tossers will ever know.

She looked away.

“Position is a perpetual battle in and of itself amongst the eldest our kind. That is yet another thing that never changes.”

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