The Stones of Arcory 19 Exiles and Executed of the Vale of Elasch.

Missive to Greyslan Amberglass

Season of The Hot Sun Third Quarter Fourth Wheel Day

While we understand you have agreed to join in assisting your fellow collegiate regarding the dispersing of the Elaschi Vale, you are reminded this is not pursuant to the purpose of the task you have been asked to perform, and we remind you, engaging yourself in such actions risks the delay in returning the biennial chronicling. As such, venerable Amberglass, we suggest you remove yourself from any further warding of refugees and return to the path set out for you.

We also have taken into consideration your reports of Overworld demon activity and will be assigning the most appropriate to seek out the demon responsible for Ethely Tallspire’s wounds. Rest assured, you are not required to participate in that mission and are requested to stop making requests in that area. Please continue on your path as originally directed. Council has appropriately dealt with the consequences of your old master’s acts since the Riven War, and we will continue as required by balance.

It was a day later I arrived at Tower of the Yellow Reeds, which stood in the heart of the Tophar Delta. There was much activity as fellow Massiter Goldenstar was preparing for the emptying of the Vale Elasch.

It took me some time to locate a seneschal to tell Goldenstar of my presence, and waited in the active chaos that surrounded me. It was near an hour before the soldier returned to escort me to my fellow. Goldenstar was in his sanctum, numerous scrolls opened before him. He was preparing for something significant. The protection spells inscribed on the scrolls were powerful ones.

He turned and we clasped my arms, but a smile did not touch his lips.

“You arrival was fortuitous, magister,” he told me. “One day later and we would have all been gone.”

“What’s the cause of this?” I asked, letting concern fill my voice.

“The Exodus of Elaschi Vale has been ordered,” he told me. “It begins in five days. Word came yesterday.”

I had heard the rumors of the dissolution of the ancient enclave of man within the domain of the mountain giants was imminent, but had not realized the call would come so soon. Goldenstar was to be witness. As it turned out, of his own instance.

“The Collegiate was consulted,” the still youthful looking, yet certainly middle-aged Goldenstar told me testily. “In fact, King Gregor repeatedly resisted our counsel. I think he would be happier retrieving his protecting army without having to accommodate any resettlement of the people of the Vale. They have ever been a thorn in his side.”

“I heard the rebellion had left much bitterness between the lowlands and vales,” I recalled. “But to abandon them to the giants…”

Goldenstar nodded, then shouted encouragement to aid in the preparations of his small retinue. The blonde northerner Wizard turned back to me as the warm wind rustled through our robes.

Around us his retainers hustled to and fro preparing the horses and wagons.

“The King’s messengers arrived with a new schedule for the exodus,” he told me. “It has left me little time to get to the Vale before it is begun. I understand you are doing Trona’s work and have a schedule to keep. But if you could spare a cycle of days to accompany me, and lend your own wisdom and power, I would be most grateful. After what word I have received; of neither side abiding to treaty. I will need all the help I can get.”

My good friend Kestrel Bloodwood had been lost defending the Vale men’s grandparents. I could not turn away. Even if I was not even on schedule at it was. And, as it turned out, I was glad I did, as I still remain in doubt if Goldenstar and the mountain caravan would have survived the journey if I hadn’t. On the other hand, I could not have expected a failing of mine would nearly kill us all.


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