Black Cloak, White Art is a series of loosely related fantasy stories which take place amongst the Thirteen Greater and Lesser Kingdoms of the Orielkanus, mostly devoted to the travails of the spell-casting class.

The stories are mostly chroincled by Brelen Amberglass, a Wizard by profession, a veteran of The Riven War which nearly shattered the world.  His interest lies in the changes to the spell-casting profession since the war.

The themes of the stories primarily involve the new developments in his profession as a new and perilous conjunction of the two suns and the underworld threaten the infrastructure of magic throughout his land.

Along the way he comes into conflict with the  often duplicitous entowered wizards of The Thirteen Kingdoms, angry and frustrated supplicants from the kingdoms’ aristocracy, crafty otherworldly entities and the Council of Wizards, which is attempting to keep the Kingdoms in an arrangement where balance between the natural and magical worlds achieves the highest respect.  Needless to say, in this world, being a wizard is a tricky and complicated business, and through his chronicles, Breslan will attempt to offer a view of magic from the wizard’s end of the staff.