Welcome to the 21st Century, but this one is a little different.  Sure, there are Vampires and Werewolves and Zombies, and even Gargoyles.  Sure, they are monsters.  And they’ve been in the public eye for decades, and like the rest of the world’s population they are growing in number.  So we’ve learned to live with them, give them rights, give them jobs, tolerate them.

But there is one thing we dont’ know.  Why are they here?  What caused them to spring from the dead in such large numbers?  There are theories, but not much verifiable truth.

Thirteen years ago, Johnny Smith was in college.  And he did a bad thing.  That is, unless you consider helping trying to raise the Devil, not a bad thing.  He was the only survivor of the ritual (unless you count one of the others turning into a duck).  Johnny is now the manager of an apartment building, 23 Pangbourne Place, and his past is about to come back to haunt him.  With a vengeance.