May 102012

While the ‘Holistic Detective level of interconnectedness’ series Touch has been consistantly lesscompellingthan either of it’s neophyte predecessors this year (Terra Nova & Alcatraz), while also takings itself similarly overly seriously, the numbers paint a picture. People tuned in to see former 24 (yes that’s 42 spelled backwards) star Keifer Sutherland and his quasi-autistic infinite improbablity generator son bring people together.

And while the series has gotten a little better (even with the loss of Danny Glover’s compelling character) It does have a ways to go before I can can call it consistantly good. Lets hope it keeps improving into it’s second season. I for one would like to see a touch more absurdity, a touch more humor, a touch more dark, and a touch more personality from bothKiefer’s Martin Bohm and son Jake.

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