Apr 242012

The Website for A A Roi’s fantasy series Black Cloak White Art has been launched!

What is Black Cloak White Art?

This is the story of wizardry in The Alliance of the Thirteen Greater and Lesser Kingdoms on the world of Aethros.  It is an era of great change as the Fourth Council of Wizards continues to enact changes in the nature of the place of Wizardry in the world and prepare themselves for the next great conjunction The Three Realms (The Celestial, Earthly and Underworld) which will again threat all.  But Greyslan Amberglass, veetran of the last conjunction, The Riven War and other conflicts is beginning to find that the new world of magic he helped create is not quite what was originally intended, and may indeed be evolving into something that could prove as much as a threat as a defense against the worlds which will again be colliding with Aethros.  These are stories of his (and ultimately others) investigations and revelations.

The Stones of Arcory, the first story in the series a short novel is now online complete (46 Chapters).  You can start reading it here.  The next short novel The Illusion of Choice will be started later this summer.

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