Apr 232012

A number of people early on considered the premise of Touch to have something quite in common with the Nic Cage movie Knowing. Up until this ep, however, the tone and plot turned out to be rather more cheerful in a happy-destiny sort of way (even verging on ludicrous). Lost and Found actually manages to find its way to a much darker place of emotional anguish, self sacrifice and getting one’s mind blown. Yeah, its by far the most compelling ep of the searies, although it doesn’t manage this without getting rid of the shows most interesting character.

And how does it do this?

*spoilers warning*

Arthur Teller, desperate to connect back with the literally transcendental numbers he’s been chasing sneaks into Jake’s care facility to try to learn more about the so called ‘Amelia sequence’ introduced this ep which runs all the earlier eps numbers in sequence. And he gets his wish, as Jake offers him a new number – 6. This however, doesn’t go very well, as not only does Teller get thrown out of the facility (we do get hints that the show might touch theme’s of another number related film, Pi) he tries to connect up with the sequence, and it appears at the end that the effort literally blows his mind. Yep, by bye Danny. Apparently your number was up. He will be missed. Clearly by Jake, and certainly by anyone who is watching the show for a compelling character.

The side stories this week are a cut above the more mundane stuff that has been shoveled at us over the first 5 eps. Early on we get to see two characters, a brilliant real estate consultant (HawthoRNe and Naked Josh’sDavid Julian Hirsh)who’s just scored a multi-million dollar deal and is very unhappy about it (anyone whose watched How I Met Your Mother will get this plot) and a chinese-american-lesbian (Fringe’sMichelle Krusiec)whosesuperstitiouspartner is having trouble conceiving invitro. What ensues is a lost luggage situation that puts him on the plane and her back at home. Said plane crashes. yeah, ouch and yes very Knowing. the guy however, survives, although apparently he’s been fatally wounded (even if his suit apparently survived the flight perfectly intact.) And, instead of seeing a doctor, he attempts to save the building that he’s helped schedule for demolition.

But in fact, who he saves is Martin, Clea and Clea’s mother (who was holed up there intheirformer home.) You see, it turns out that Clea’s mother kidnapped a boy, thinking it was hers (if you’ll remember, she’s a schitzoprenic street person.) I thought the whole backstory was handled well, expecially by Gugu. Keifer, well, he’s still Keifer.

Also, it turns out that the woman, ultimately deeply affected by her partners desire for a family and the fact that she missed dying in a plane crash, decides to try and get pregnant herself. And whose page does her partner flip to in the sperm bank catalog? Yep, the jazz-loving brilliant and now dead reale estate guy.

But the difference here from previous eps, is that the emotion and consequences, good and bad, a written well enough to feel earned. Its sad that we have to lose Teller, but on the other hand, it actually appears that Jake might be a human being, as he seems to be reacting to the death of the old man at the end of the ep.

I am happy to say, Touch has finally produced a good and compelling episode. Let’s hope this is just a taste of what will be coming.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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