Apr 232012

This week, while Cat and Mouse is a relatively good title for the ep. Not so much for the title quote from Iron John. Regardless, the episode is taut and suspenseful from beginning to end and provides just about everything I’ve personally wanted from the series: a continuation of the expansion of the world of Grimm and the continuing if gradual move of Nick from a contentious cop to a full on vigilante Grimm (yeah, he’s not there yet, but he’s getting there.)

So how does this play out?

*spoilers warning*

The episode starts out tellingly with Nick writing in an entry into the Grimmoire about his encounter with the Klausreich trying to figure out the best way to describe the Wesen (it doesn’t turn out to be ‘catty’). Then we get to meet the two drivers of the episode in their chase from Washington, to St. Louis, and finally to Portland. We have Fuschbau resistance leader Ian Harmon(Lost’s Neil Hopkins) being hunted by Verrat assassin and Hundjäger Edgar Waltz (Supernatural and Fringe’s Sebastian Roche).  Edgar is a totally relentless hunter and killer, starts off by breaking into Captain Reynards Condo and over the course of the ep manages to out baddass even him.

To bring the whole team into this, Ian used to date Rosalee and was looking for Freddy to get him some new documents to get out of the country.  For a few moments this puts Nick at odds with his wesen pals, as Edgar frames Ian for the murder of a Lauzenshlange bartender and ultimately takes our cute fuschbau herbalist hostage.  In the meantime, we get to learn a whole lot about how the seven families are behind the upheaval in the middle east and are preparing for all out war.  Given that in this world Hitler was a Wesen who used magic coins to power the Third Reich this isn’t to far fetched.

This ep works pretty much in all gears.  Roche is believable as the totally committed assassin who even forces Reynard back on his heels with meaningful threats to start dropping bodies all over Portland until he gets what he’s after.  my only quibble, which is a minor one, at the last confrontation, with his sense of smell, he can’t tell that Eddie isn’t a Fuschbau.  Otherwise, the whole thing is handled expertly by the writer and the director, not to mention the awesome performances actors.

As an added plus, Nick seems to have certainly turned the corner as a Grimm, what with his battle over Hanks life last week with the now former Hexenbeist Aldalind and this week watching Ian shoot Edgar dead then giving this instruction to Eddie:

“There’s only one thing you need to do.  Get rid of Waltz’s body.”

Before driving Ian off to the bus station and telling him to never come back.  So Nick is now letting off murderers and having dead bodies gotten rid of.  Oh, and he now has a vintage german Luger.  He’ll be a great Grimm yet.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5




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