Apr 222012

With it’s sixth episode, A Busy Solitude, Missing’s first season endgame gets alot clearer. For the most part the show vears in a 24-style direction, although, like before we are treated to Becka’s sepia and soft focus memories of hubby Paul, this time it’s giving birth (although we don’t get to experience any of the traumatic aspects of that – sepia and soft focus, remember.) As such the show remains stubbornly bi-polar. On the plus side the action 24 part of the show has revved up to the point that it mostly overcomes the sweet womanly part. Mostly.

*spoilers warning*

The episode starts off with the ending of the cliffhanger, but our heroes don’t get blown up since Becka remembers the map-coordinates where she and Paul first met. Yep, this family has a genetic habit of making groups of alpha-numeric code sentimental. This doesn’t work for long, as Violet inadvertantly activates a (visible!)laser sensor and they all have to run before the house blows up. Nice that Paul has the bomb programmed not to blow before everyone can get clear. Sure he’ll roll your taxi, but he doesn’t actually want to kill anybody.

Meanwhile, son Michael and girlfriend in captivity Oksana are enjoying visualizing their escape. And odd bit of lack of smart here, since Oksana gets her dose of insulin every day, waiting to leave will only get them caught for stealing it. And, yes it does.

In the meantime, the CIA boss Jaime Ortega has had enough of Max’s fooling around with Becka (I assume she doesn’t care about his fooling around with his subordinates) and shows up just in time to see their latest lead go up in smoke. She, however, spends more time berating Max while ignoring Becka, so our heroine pulls a Jack Bauer and steals the CIA bosslady’s helicopter. Really makes you wonder (and perhaps, not wonder) how the CIA in this universe topples governments like they’ve done in reality.

Becka checks out Helios’s operation, and spots a train being filled with some toxic material. Then she decides the only way to get to her son is by giving herself up to Asimoff as more leverage against Paul(?) leaving the CIA and poor houndog eyed Ginacarlo behind. Awww. poor other (italian) man. At leas the two former lovers get to share some meaningful time in a Moscow train station.

Of course that leads to the more thrilling last half of the ep, where Michael and Oksana make a serious break for it (this includes lots of shooting and stabbing bad captor guy with a hypodermic.) In the meantime mom gets free of her captors and starts searching the chateau for signs of her son, with the CIA in hot pursuit. Yep, Becka is in top Jack Bauer/Jason Bourne-like form here, which is something we really get to little of in this show. The scene where she escapes from being trussed up is almost worth the price of admission (which,warrantedis actually zero, but still…)

This all is resolved pretty well, even if it is intercut with the soft focus scenes of Paul not being their for his son’s (week’s before schedule) birth. And despite him being a lying liar who lies, he still seems to want to be a good father. But, really, do good father’s fake their own deaths and therefore skip most of their kids formative years? yeah, despite the sepia tones, I think not.

On the plus side, though, the ep ends with Michael and Oksana about to engage in some post-escape sex. Who need insulin when you can get it on after hopping a train?

Rating: 4 out of 5

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