Apr 222012

Headhunters teams up Nate Fillion with former Firefly co-star Adam (not a Baldwin brother) Baldwin. needless to say it’s an entertaining show to see Rick out with someone who is not his regular team, and Nate and Adam go to town. of course, since Rick and Kate are the ‘couple of destiny’ the writers have to figure out how to make Adam’s Detective Slaughter character unworthy of Castle. Sigh. On the other hand, we have lots of fun with Adam’s comic Dirty Harry style gang unit police detective. And that is something, isn’t it?

*spoilers warning*

The episode starts with a homeless guy finding a dead man with a dufflebag full of heads (thankfully not 8). The newscast gets Rick’s attention, and he is raring to team up with the policeman investigating, Detective Slaughter. Slaughter is a great action cop parody. He hits on the M.E., demands Rick’s leather coat as the price for riding with him, and otherwise gets Castle in a whole lot of crazy and physically dangerous situations. Man, I want to see this character get his own show.

And on the other hand, Stana is actually watchable for most of the episode as her character’s fears of losing Castle actually come across as sympathetic. Her brief scene with Michael Dorn even makes her come across as a human being! Although, in the end, she does get to return to her normal smug character. A well.

The mystery, well, it involves a Mexican gang leader trying to sett up in a New York territory run by feuding Jamaicans and Irish. Whats most interesting is that Slaughter has a point with his breaking of rules to put the vicious Mexican gangleader Velez away. The level of moral outrage that Castle and Beckett show him is kinda hypocritical (at leas on Beckett’s side – she’s repeatedly shown she’s been happy to be a lazy investigator.)

But overall, it was fun. I’ll dock it some points for the cliched way it handles the necessity of Slaughter being dressed down.

Also, hey, Alexis is going to college, despite Rick hiding all her acceptance letters. Even Stanford wants her now. But the question is, is she going to tell Stanford to stick it, since it rejected her before? Of course, this whole thing dovetails into the Murder as well as Castles relationship with Beckett. So, I guess we’re back to square one, eh, with both character pretending not to pursue each other?

Rating: 4 out of 5 (+0.5 for Baldwin, -0.5 for the attitude of the writing which told us, no uncertain terms, the he is an unsuitablepartnerfor Castle.)

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