Mar 282012

Episode three of Missing takes us back to Italy, this time to the Amalfi coast. Perhaps it’s the beautiful locations that prevents the producers from continuing to manage tone well. And while the spy-international criminal elements side of things is still working, they still have to throw something lame in to keep the series from actually being cool. This said, the writer must have really liked January Jones from last year’s X-Men:First Class, because we have an Emma Frost stand in (played by a thoroughly icy Victoria Smurfit), a German mastermind behind it all (Karl Roden) some Nazi (yes Nazi!) diamonds and a cabin cruiser who’s name just happens to be ‘Crystalline’. But still, this wasn’t the cheesy part of the ep, if you can believe it. So what was?

*spoilers warning*

Remember Mary? Yes, Beccs’s sexually frustrated co-owner of that florist shop back in the US? yep, she’s back, and now in Italy searching for her missing friend and to plan out some consolation for her failed marriage (in, I guess Under A Tuscan Sun sort of way). And while she has been toned down somewhat, she’s played like the innocent friend who’s unmitigated curiosity gets her caught up in our heroine’s mess. So yeah, this is the lame part of the episode that starts early and winds it’s way though jsut about the entire ep. I kept hoping that she would turn out to have been assigned to be Becca’s friend and had been watching/maybe protecting her and her son. But, sadly, no. And that is the lame part.

We also get treated by more appearances between Giancarlo and Max as they duel over who gets to help out Becca like a couple of teddy bears. Who knew that the CIA and Interpol could be so cute when banging heads.  You know, the more this series goes on the more it feels like it’s not going to rise above weak shows spy-shows like, say,  Undercovers and less like something cool dramatic and and often shocking like 24 or Spooks, hell,  or even Burn Notice, which has the same tonal challenges, yet manages them much, much better.

Suffice it to say that Becca get’s another tidbit of info about her son.  He’s alive and being held by the man who killed Paul (this is before the ice queen gets shot in the head by one of her coworkers)  They kinda suggest it’s the Karl Roden badguy, but I’m still thinking that somehow Paul’s still kicking and is at least pulling some strings here.  And somewhere in Russia son Michael is being held in an empty mansion with somber and manipulative russian cutie Oksana  (Tereza Vorísková).  He at least is portrayed as being smarter, and more with it, than say, Kim Bauer was.  It almost seems reasonable he’ll figure a way to get out of captivity and go on the run with Oksana.  We’ll see if the writers can maintain that suspension of disbelief.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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