Mar 252012

“Mutant, homicidal wasps employed as border guards. Eavesdropping optimized birds spying on civilian activists. Hybrid human/beasts annihilating drafted youths on reality TV”

Hank Pellissiere over at The Institute of Ethics & Emerging Technology tackles these concerns. He starts off his discussion evoking the ancient myth of the Minotaur, but then goes on to note that while there are a number of genetic monsters being used by the evil and repressive govt. in the quite dystopian world of theHunger Games trilogy (suggesting that it is rather more Roman than Hellenic in it’s general themes anyway), this sort of use of specially bred animals in war and the like has been in use since the bronze age (dogs being the most actively genetically manipulated animals from Ancient Babylon to the present).

Ultimately he feels that we aren’t likely to be beset with the likes of Tracker Jackers and Jabberjays in the future, and he believes that the creation of genetic mutants will be generally restricted to the medical area. But given our history of tyranical regimes (of which we still have plenty), is his ultimately positive stance really realistic?

Follow the link to read his full article:Tyrannic Control with Genetic Monsters in The Hunger Games trilogy

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