Mar 252012

Quadcopters plus tacos plus a delivery service equals a college student’s dream,” is the quote in a new article about TacoCopter, a web based service in the San Francisco bay area that claims to deliver tacos via GPS powered mini-robocoptors.  Of course, despite TacoCoptor owner Dustin Boyd claims this isn’t an April fool’s joke, the Federal Government has passed laws recently making this sort of sci-fi entrepreneurial effort a lot harder to realize than it sounds (“FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012?).  Yeah, the forward looking govt. doesn’t want the air filled with unmanned drones flying all over the place willy-nilly.

But as David Hill of notes:   ”if the stakes were higher, such as delivering medical supplies or delivering food to people stranded during emergencies,” using unmanned drones for something other than military use might become more attractive in the near future.  he also brings up the conceptual startup Matternet, noting that  ”1 billion people in the world live in remote rural areas without reliable road access.”

It would certainly be nice to see this technology being used for something other than military surveillance and attack, don’t you think?


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